About us

A bit about us...

We recycle plastic bottles to create the coolest boardies you will ever see. As of September 2019 all of our shorts will be made out of recycled plastic bottles. 

So we are guessing you have some questions right? 

We certainly did when we started this process. The first one was what will the material feel like? Put it this way, if we didn't tell you our boardies were made out of recycled plastic bottles you would never know. The material is light weight, stretch, quick dry and super comfy. 

How many plastic bottles does it take to make a pair of shorts? 

Excellent question! Approximately 45 recycled plastic bottles are used to create a pair of boardies from our minis range. For our mens shorts its closer to 50 plastic bottles. 


If you think of any more please email us... Sales@classof84clothing.com 

Our boardies are available in both adult and kids sizes. Starting at size 0. Expanding to larger sizes in 2020. 

Designed in Australia!